About Our Classes

Physique Classical-Joseph Pilates, the inventor of this all-encompassing health and fitness regimen, was born in Germany in 1880. His experiences taught him to believe that the (1950's!) modern life-style, bad posture, and inefficient breathing were the roots of poor health. His answer to these problems was to design a unique series of life enhancing physical exercises that help to correct muscular imbalances and improve posture, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as to increase breathing capacity and organ function. He was a genius of his time!

Lynsey celebrates his work in the Physique Classical sessions. These sessions are held 3x’s a week to keep his classical work pure and fresh! The goal of these sessions is to maintain the mind/body connection and leave you feeling stronger, centered, and refreshed! You will get the true education of the Pilates Method.

This session involves the Classic, original movement of the Pilates Method. In this class you will work on the principles of Pilates: Concentration, Control, Centering, Breath, Fluidity, and Precision! Level of class: Beginner to Intermediate.

Signature Mix Series- This session defines Lynsey’s style of training. We use small props such as resistance bands, the Pilates circle, and foam rollers.  Lynsey has created this workout to challenge the body in the hard to target areas! I LOVE this session! I brought the reformer workout onto the Mat! It’s fun, challenging, and gives you a taste of all the other wonderful moves Pilates has to offer!

Power Pilates
Lynsey put her own twist on this Thanks to Dr. Tabata and has created a 45 minute power session involving core training, upper, and lower body strengthening.  It includes more repetitions and will get your heart pumping! “You will feel the burn!” From push-ups and planks to squats and dips, And of course the wonderful Jane Fonda series for the toosh you…. will love the results from this class!   All done in these 20-30 second intervals! This class ends with a mind-body cool down involving deep breathing and therapeutic stretching. This is a Physique Favorite!

Power Pilates This session is part of the Mystery workout. The programming combines exercises from the Mixer class and Tabata class! The session also involves: skill work on technique, core/flexibility training, and always something challenging and new!


Private Training sessions
Held at Lynsey’s studio location. Personal Training is a life changing decision. Sign up with Lynsey to get on the right path a healthier body and lifestyle! Every session includes the education of functional movement and nutrition! There is a 24 hour cancelation policy unless it is a respectful reason for your first last minute cancel.  Out of respect for scheduling reasons  there will be a $20 charge for a cancel under 24 hours.

In-Home Personal Training
Private Pittsburgh Training Sessions are available in the convenience of your home for Personal Training involving Pilates education and providing a dynamic program that works for your own personal fitness level! No equipment needed!

Nutrition Education
Lynsey gives guidance to healthier choices and makes sure you are eating the right things for your personal fitness goals and workouts.  Lynsey doesn't believe in diets.  They don't work and never will.  However, making healthier choices throughout your week and proper food education helps! It's making little changes that make the difference!  We are what we eat!