My words!


I mean. Let’s be honest. Those that know me I’m obsessed! With what? Pilates!!!

Yes I’m that girl! Pilates is the answer to everything!!!

Yah know that stretch “fru fru” thing people call it! Or torture??? People ask me what I do to stay in such great shape? I wish I could say I do burpees all day! I wish I could say I run 10 miles a day.. and BRAVO to all of my dear runner friends that do! In fact… c’hem…I’m inspired by all of you running the marathon next week! And my hats off to all that have a marathon and or a half in your bucket list! I used to be a runner and well and a damn good dancer! Which took a toll on my joints and body!

But coming from a retired dancer? Pilates has been the only thing that has made my body feel right and healthy! Burpees? Yes! Go for it! Do them for 2-5 minutes! Trust me! I’ve done it. Danced my whole life…after my dance career I thought CrossFit was the answer? My new competition with my body! Well???? No… I hated my body… my knees hurt? My back ached … my shoulders hurt…. and my jeans didn’t fit? I felt like a failure and defeated? BUT…all of that” Is” wonderful! C’hem if done right and with the right form and Proper coaching! (YOU know who you are out there that ROCK it!) And there are some amazing coaches that I can refer you to…Only the good ones!!!! Hearts pumping! Do it! Go for it! It’s an amazing experience if it’s done right! Whatever works for you! Find your fitness journey! OR…Go for a run! Go for a brisk walk, DANCE in your kitchen, take a ZUMBA class! DO YOGA!!! Go find a gym that works BEST FOR “YOU!”

But I have to get my word out about PILATES MAT! And why it works!

So everyone asks me…Lynsey? Why not the machines? Why just teach Mat? You have ballet barres? Why not barre fusion? WHY? WHY ? WHY?

Well! I needed to expand! And when I saw the space to start my “new journey” and new beginning in” MY” life? I didn’t want the machines? I mean have you seen that space? It’s a “sigh” moment!

Do I miss them yes! Will I guide you to the best studio for them! Yes!!!! C’hem Moxie mind and body downtown!

My dear friend Aubrey Johnson will back me up on this and SHE IS THE BEST!!!

I had a different vision! I wanted to make people feel free.... let your body move through space! As a dancer…we were dependent on our bodies to stay healthy and move through space fighting against our own control and defying gravity… as any dancer should!

Did I use the Pilates machines through my dance career yes...(and once again C’hem MOXIE!!!! Downtown!!! She has it all!!!) AUBS!!! I got your back!

But what I found the most exerting was my own body? How can I push the limits to my own body resistance and make it look easy? SIGH As every dancer does! It’s a gift you pay to watch! And it’s something that I was blessed with through my whole entire life so far? So why Pilates? Oh I could go on and on and on…

Well? Look at runners, sprinters, everyday activity, laundry, running the vacuum cleaner, sweeping your floor, picking up your kids, swinging them around, golfing, extra hobbies like skiing, things that you want to do effortlessly but only hope you didn’t pull a muscle? And doing ANYTHING you love Without pain? Without a WONKIE “thing” we call it…we are all aging and it’s going to happen! I feel it myself! I am not as limber as I was in my twenties! I SEE the text “NECK” and it makes me flinch and cringe!

I am staying true to my word.... and what I feel is best for my world and that is why I share it with my students and at Physique Rx’d! It is more affordable and you can do it anywhere! Scalable! Doable! At all fitness levels! We are locked into our cars, plane rides, and desks....which the majority of my students sit “all day long???”

C’hem! I can’t sit still for 30 minutes?? Yikes!

So feel free to move around on the mat! Our bodies are meant to move!!!! That is why I chose to teach the original Pilates Mat work at Physique Rx’d! The mat and you! You are are free to move and flow! Nothing is controlling you besides yourself, your mind, well and ME!!! With all of my cues and coaching as I rarely take my eyes off of my students! It’s awesome! And when I see the gains in my students and all of you that have stuck with me! It’s awesome! You become the machine!

You become the apparatus!

I just wanted my studio to be affordable and learn the education of his beautiful mat work!

If you ever wanted to do the machines???? Please save yourselves and visit Moxie downtown...Her studio is exquisite and hands down the best education you can receive on the machines!! I love you AUBS!!!!

Please be careful where you go where it’s very commercialized... it’s not meant to be a gym atmosphere...

Trust me. I have an obsession for this work! I’ve been told I teach ancient Pilates! Well??? It saved my SPINE, PELVIS, and HIPS!!! And I danced around the world because I used the method to stay healthy through my dance days! Ask any athlete! Which I will get into in my next blog post!

I’m not in any way keeping you away from those commercialized fitness trends... but why do I keep hearing all these Injuries happening from them? Be careful out there trainers! Look out for your students? They are coming to you for advice and the best fitness advice for their bodies!!!

The last thing I want is a bad stigma of Pilates... 

It has done wonders for myself... and I only know that because I live true to the technique and gift of studying his work! And at 42 I still have the body I always wanted!

This is my first blog! Forgive me if I ranted! Stay tuned! As I am thrilled to start my first Pilates BLOG!!! Must HASHTAG!!!! LOL!🙌🏻